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augustus 2016

Welcome to Tyinstolen

By |augustus 10th, 2016|

What do you do when things don´t go as planned? Well, you just think of something else to do, because sitting still isn't an option. And thus I started my career in a Norwegian mountain [...]

juli 2016

Norway, The first 7 days pt. 2

By |juli 29th, 2016|

Allright, as promised: part 2 of the first seven days. I ended my last blog with the ominous notion that it started to rain, heavily. Well it did. The ground underneath my tent near Ingjerdbu [...]

Norway, the first 7 days pt. 1

By |juli 23rd, 2016|

Allright, after doing some really necessary stuff like watching the GOT season final -winter is here-, I got some time to write about my Norway adventure. While normal life starts again with work and getting [...]

juni 2016

First Ever Solo Hike

By |juni 15th, 2016|

This summer I will be going on an adventure! I'm going to solo-hike through The Jotunheimen in Norway. The land of the Giants, the Joten from Norse mythology. So here's the deal: I'm travelling by [...]

Citytrip Europe

By |juni 13th, 2016|

Europe is great, probably the best continent ever. Suck it America! With a long and rich history it may come as no surprise that Europe has lots of old cities. Most of them are worldfamous: [...]

About Thomas Jan

I’m Thomas Jan, 27 years old. I’ve studied Arts, Culture & Media in Groningen and now I live and work in the beautiful and always busy city of Amsterdam, the cultural hub of Holland. Meeting new people everyday made me want to go out there, have my own adventures. So now I am ready for something new. Walking the earth, one step at a time. Our little big planet offers many adventures, and I’m taking them all on! Got my backpack, my tent, my sleeping bag and some provisions, and that´s all I need.

Meeting new people, making new friends and visiting exciting places, and most of it just by foot. That´s what I´m about. Did I mention that I’m going to document it all? Well I am, right here, and you are welcome to join me on my travel journey!

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